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Thursday, 5 December 2013

27th of November - Playground (331th Song)

Today MusicStudio app session. I wanted to see if I could combine succesfully the virtual instruments and an electric naked guitar recorded with the iphone. 

Thoughts: I had these chords in my mind the whole day, not only the chords but the rhythm with the guitar. The chords as you may recognize are my favourite cadence: VIb-, VIIb-, I. It's a winner in my life. It's in most of the songs that make me cry. Anywat, you can hear it, the experiment is really bad. The guitar without any effect is now worth to be recorded with the iphone, so naked weak and crunchy. I like the song though, the concept is very easy. The piano is kind of weird 90's, and the trilling piano at the end is just brilliant, makes everything move to another level.
The way that I inserted the piano between the hits of the guitar sounds very weird, maybe it doesn't work at all but I got a hunch that with good sound and making the guitar have the main roll that it deserve it might be very good. 

Enjoy it!

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