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Thursday, 5 December 2013

26th of November - Piano (330th Song)

Hey guys, this house is amazing. Just when I was thinking that I won't be able to do something new I arrived here. There's so many instruments here that I could use to try things. I'm miking everything. This old piano that grew with me is here, very untuned but so many memories...

Thoughts: Since I have only one shock mount for condensor mics I can't use my two Rhodes yet, I wanted to try this and create space in stereo but I have to wait for that. I used one Rhodes and one 57. I had to read a little bit about upright piano recording first. I saw how they use to have a cover on the top that I should open and then I point to the strings, and that my best option with these mics would be to put the 57 closer from the high strings and I did so. And I composed this piece.

It's funny that when I was playing it I was so into it that I felt it was the greatest song in the world, but I'm not pianist and when I listen to it back I realized how empty it was. I guess my imagination moved me to the center of a philharmonic orchestra. 

Enjoy it!

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