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Thursday, 5 December 2013

25th of November - Groarrrrr (329th Song)

Hey did you know that I have a great 150W Line6 Spider III amp? Yes I do! I bought it before went to London to live. I can't wait to put a mic or 2 and record something. 

Thoughts: When I recorded Un Despliegue with Juanes the 19th of October I realized that my recordings until that day were worse because I was recording plugging my guitar to the interface and then using Guitar Rig for the distortion and the amp of Juanes was very simple and cheap and still sounding better. So with my 150 watt amp it should sound incredible! I put a 57 and a Rhode on in front of each speaker of the amp to manipulate both until I get something that I like better. I can say that it sounds better and worse than that 'old' recording. My guess is that the amp is better and my guitar is much worse. You can feel how much noise sounds in this recording and how death the sound is. This amp isn't also incredible, it's digital and even hearing it live I don't like it so much but what the mics captured was worse than I thought, I have to research more information and experiment more with this mics. On the other side I love that I feel the weakness of the sound, I think I'm gonna do great things when I spend some time moving mics and finding my sound. I should buy a new guitar too, I'd love a great sound. 

Different sounds were tried in this songs with the same amp, no effects involved in the mixing but a little reverb when I play octaves. Don't laugh at my solo!

Enjoy it!

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