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Monday, 9 December 2013

30th of November - Full Chain (334th Song)

I grabbed yesterday's song and I did an experiment, how much would the sound change if I use all the effetcs in Logic? This is the answer.

Thoughts: When I finished I counted 62 effects in row. My premise was to enable them one by one and change the sound of each enough to be listened but not too much because I did want to have something hearable at the end. Everything was going cool, but when I arrived the filter section... Everything changed! The sound started to be awful and annoying. I tried to make it the less annoying possible and I kept going. When I finished I still understood the song as it was at the beginning, that's amazing because, I heard the song some hours later and I didn't remember how it was and it was impossible to know but in the moment when I finished it made sense! Anyway, the result is a very weird sound that could be used for an intro perfectly, it's a good sound but nothing to do with the song, but I couldn't find this sound doing anything else. The magic of trying everything!

I used 3 auxiliary tracks to continue the chain because I couldn't put more insertions in just one.

Enjoy it!

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