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Monday, 9 December 2013

The Best of November 2013

Well, this has been a looong loooong month. I changed my life, and I was working a lot in having FORTUNA Quest updated, I finally did and I'll put all my energies in December. I made some cool songs in November and most of them because sadness. My rupture with my girl, the downgrading of living in Madrid instead of London (city which I love), living with my parents and the death of my cat have blurred the month. I'm not working very much so I had enough time to update everything and make some good songs, although the setting up of my studios, all the songs that I had to learn for the cover band that I'm playing in, songs that I had to learn for the school that I'm working at and the care that I had to take to my cat on her last days made me not being 100% involved. So, yeah, it's not a bad month but the greatest month, hopefully, will be December, the last of this first year!!!

Enjoy it!

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