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Monday, 9 December 2013

1st of December - Cold Hearted (335th Song)

I've never tried to do karaoke the other way around, singing instead of making the music. This was my opportunity. Hopefully trying to make my voice to fit in a proper good quality sound song I'd learn a lot. 

Thoughts: When I had the idea I didn't know which song to choose, I just went to a database and I was at the A and Paula Abdul showed up! The song Cold Hearted is one of my favourite ever, unfortunatelly I just found the version that they do on Glee, it's worse and shorter but still amazing. 

I recorded the choruses first because I know them very well, the song was just on the edge of my pitch, it was difficult to reach the highest notes when it says "cold" and "lover". Then I sung the rest, so many takes as I didn't know the lyrics and I'm very bad talking and singing fast in english but is was a good challenge, I was witness of the improvement of doing it on the way, and how my eyes were going ahead the word that I was saying like when I'm reading music. Very cool. Never did before. And then in a gap I sung a stupid epic voice for the background, I tuned it very well though, but it's still stupid, haha.

Then in the mixing I was trying a lot of reverbs, delays, eq and compression. I learned so much of the last one, compression, I just finally heard very well the differences bettwen the different attack and release times and the ratio, I spent like one hour on it and I did so many discoveries. I think it's thanx of the good sounded song, because if it sounds slightly bad it clashes so much and this way you have to be finer to don't screw the song up. Sound horrible anyway, my voice is a mess, but I think I'm doing better. What do you think? 

Enjoy it!

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