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Monday, 9 December 2013

2nd of December - Mess at the Office (336th Song)

I had a dream... No, I hadn't but this piano was in stuck in my brain this morning, no idea why. And I just developed it a little bit.

Thoughts: Latelly when I'm thinking in music or composing I heard a lot of orchestral instruments in my mind, and in a quite accurate way, some of them I can just put in the music with no effort, many others I just struggle, but it's being quite better. The first part is not bad, very short and unbalanced but the idea is good, the horns are horrible, specially in the latin style part, and the second is better, more organic and real, more beautiful and precious. I'm very proud of the job of my harps in this song, and the last chord, I don't know how I could represent it so as I thought it. It's just perfect!

Enjoy it!

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