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Monday, 9 December 2013

3rd of December - Velvet (337th song)

Sometimes I'm amazed by jazz, they look so free but they say so much and they sound so smooth and sophisticated. I wanted to do something on that vibe.

Thoughts: I started the song in my new laptop and I can't conect it to my interface yet, looking forward buying the cable needed. So I couldn't connect my midi controller keyboard to play, that would have get dynamics much nicer. I had to record it with the computer keyboard which doesn't control velocity depending of how hard you press the keys, so it's very lineal. That was the main problem, but the song is ok. I love the ride cymbal at the beginning with that cool bass line. I added an accordion because I hadn't use it yet, I reckon, and it's quite popular in jazz world. It was the favorite instrument of my grandmother and I wasn't able to play a piece for her. This is in part a tribute to her. 

Enjoy it!

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