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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

4th of December - Drums GP (338th Song)

My friend Mario asked me to help him with the drums on one of his songs. We sent me a Guitar Pro file, I had to make it with that programs. Challenge accepted.

Thoughts: I haven't used GP in years, it was so weird to work again with it. I used to compose stupid stuff with it years ago. I found very difficult to imagine how it did work. I had to watch some tutorials to imagine it. The software improved so much since last time I used it. I thing I used the version 4 the last time. Anyway, I finally got the idea of how to use it and once I started it was very easy. The song is a rock-metal song but I didn't want to unveil my friend's song so I only upload the drum track.

At the end I couldn't pass the track to .wav, the option didn't work and I had to export it to Midi and put it through Logic, the sound is not the same, I liked that sound, I should have recorded an audio file from my laptop to the interface. 

Enjoy it!

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