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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

5th of December - Nisenswing Nisensong (339th Song)

I'm talking from the future. From 24th of January 2013, not a very future but come on! Isn't cool? Whatever, I had a project for this day, and the ending has been today. Why? Check my thoughts.

Thoughts: Here's the explanation, my song for today was to record my small drum kit playing a swing style standard, practicing some phrases and compings, and then I sent it to a friend who would be my song couple. He told me that he would record it instantly... Still waiting. He's a great jazz piano player, and I was very excited, anyway, it doesn't ever happen. So I called my friend Dan Nisenson, yeah that one that shared so many good songs with me, and asked him to do the same, he brought me this song, with my drums distorted, in the same day!!! So cool, he's the best! Very creative to tweak the song that way, a D'Angelo stylish song that I just had to mix. And the mix was really fun! 

I think that is very cool to mix other's songs, you just hear something new to you and try to give it life. That's what I tried today. The tracks were very noisy and rough but somehow I had an idea of how it should sound and I did it. I used so many pluggins, but everything was aiming my starting idea. So cool, very fun session. Dan, dude, thank you so much. 

Enjoy it!

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