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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

31st of December - Summer New Year's Eve (365th Song)

Hell yeah! My last 2013 song at last. I thought I wouldn't get it! I was thinking about my ex girlfriend that is spending this evening in Brisbane and there it's summer. I remember 2 years ago that I was in a surfing beach in Mexico on New Year's Eve too. It wasn't summer but it was hot anyway so doing it in summer may be even better. Anyway, the way that I have to represent that feeling is this song. 

Thoughts: I can say so many things that I'm being doing with this song, how I was learning the Johnny B. Goode guitar riff and I did a modification to start my song, how I used vintage drums, and amps for guitar and bass, etc. But everything is eclipsed by the fact that I finished the year finally, so my brain can barely think straight. 

I had some problems with drums since I recorded them in my old laptop with Logic 9 and when I passed to my new one with Logic X my midi track didn't make the kit that I wanted to use for this song work. I panned the main voices not full L/R but slighly centered, it made it sound a bit rougher and I think it's better. 

Next song in one week.

Enjoy it!

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