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Monday, 30 December 2013

30th of December - We Are The World (364th Song)

Probably I should have kept this song for the last day but it was the last chance to gather my friends and my mother and sing together this triumphant song. We are the world, a super classic, an epic song that gather the best artists in the world and we perform now.

Thoughts: Have such great friends at home and sing this song was like the ultimate session. So cool, fun and funny. My mother joined us as soon as we said to her. We just sung one by one the phrases trying to change voices sometimes and trying to imitate the great artist that sing it.

We were changing the position of the mic, the input gain, the distance that we were singing from the mic, etc, so the tracks were very unbalanced. That was the greatest challenge, to try to sound everything like if we were at the same place together and make it fit in the song, which is a karaoke track, chose the correct compression, EQ and reverb was ideal. Some of them were very difficult to fix. Finally the session was worth it and I'm very happy of the results.

Enjoy it!

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