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Sunday, 29 December 2013

29th Song - Bassssssshuco Puro (363rd Song)

This is another song that I promised that I would do. My brother requested to play a doom song with the best quotes of my very best friend Mata. And know is himself (my brother) who will help me to do it. He'll sing and play the guitar and bass, I'll play drums, do some backing vocals and mix it.

Thoughts: When my brother told me to listen to Neurosis to know what doom is about, I couldn't imagine that we were gonna record such a heavy music. Slow, intense, dark, satanic. We used my guitar with wide strings to tune it in C and dropped the 6th to Bb. I also had to low the 5th string of my bass to play a Bb. Our amps are broken and we had to do everything with Guitar Rig. 

We were selecting the best quotes and the order that he would say them. And he started to sing. Sing? Growl!!!! At soon as my brother started to practice the song at low volume I saw that it wasn't gonna be very easy. He was coughing all the time and badly. I heard his voice changing and getting rougher through the session. There was some phrases that he didn't have enough air to say and we needed to open a new track and split them in two. When I went to growl I realized why he couldn't keep the flow of voice that long, there are vowels that makes you to expire more air, and even more if you want to rasp the voice. I wonder how can death metal singers do it so easily, do they have the muscles more relaxed and able to flap to make that sound? Because to get that I had to use to much air. 

Finally my friend Mata came to say a quote himself as an intro. The mixing was very good, I spent like 4 hours very focus, enjoying the work, very picky with everything, learning, trying things, being sure that I've learned a lot this year, and I did. I used compressors and Eq on Superior drummer in all the tracks that I felt that I need it. I changed the sound of the bass drums, I felt very obvious that I needed a certain compression and Eq. The same with snare drum. I use compression in everything, it's like dress a track with a good suit for it. The most difficult thing was the voices, to make it fit in the mix I had to low down some frequencies from the guitar, do a good eq, good compression, good reverb and good delay and still not sounding great. But wow, I did so many things that made it sound much better with the music that I'm very very happy. The way that I got focus today was amazing, hopefully I can work like that more often.

Enjoy it!

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