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Saturday, 28 December 2013

28th of December - Merry Christmas (362nd Song)

I forgot to make a christmas song before but I couldn't end the year without making one.

Thoughts: My idea for today's song was a christmas song sung by kids and with all the orquestration and everything. I think I must wait for next year to do so because I didn't have enough time to find kids or make all that orchestration. The song is in the best tonality that I could fine for my voice, and even so I wasn't able to ring it very good making childish voices so I had to call my mother to help me with that. A woman is better with high pitch voices. I spent so much time creating the melodies harmonies and the lyrics. It was very difficult to make a melody that sounds like a spanish christmas song also known as 'Villancico'. My mother had to learn the lyrics and sing 4 tracks of the chorus and 4 of the verse. 

I learned that the instrument that always sounds in christmas songs is called actually jingle bells or sleigh bells. I searched a sample that I could cut and loop for the whole song. It's really cool how that instrument transforms music into a christmas song. The vibe that it creates is unique. I wonder if is a social thing because we're used to hear it or it really awakes the christmas feelings in our brains.

Finally I didn't have time to do more things, but really I didn't really know what could I do, I felt powerless facing this problem, probably with more hours or days to think I'd come up with something.

Enjoy it!

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