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Friday, 27 December 2013

27th of December - Prophecy (261st Song)

My mission today was make an a-Capella song and use melodyne to learn how to use it, I tried to download a trial version and I couldn't use it for some reason. Anyway, I made my a-Capella song.

Thoughts: When I recorded the song I didn't care very much about intonation, melodyne was supposed to fix my bad singing. I really wanted to learn how to use melodyne, I guess I have to wait to buy it or fix my trial version. Hopefully the trial version allows me to save or bounce the fixed tracks. It was very important today because the last of my vocal chords was amazing, two voices sounding half step from each other, but I wasn't accurate and sounds almost the same, melodyne would make it sound so cool! I promise.

My voice was very deep and cranky today because yesterday I went out til late, I like that, make my voice bigger and charismatic. I realised how my mic captures more ass frequencies the closer you get from it. I'd have liked more of those one in my melody. I realised too late. 

The mixing was my biggest concern after Melodyne failed. I spent much time with compressions, reverbs and eq. I'm getting so much better in all of them. It's cool, I thought I couldn't learn by myself this things so good. I'm not an expert but thing are getting clearer in front of my eyes (or my ears) and when I need something I figure how to make it, still in a low level but it's very obvious now.  And I'm hearing something new about the panning, I see how the tracks need a space and can't be just any spot of your panoramic hearing. You might cover other instruments, you could pan to much and lost energy, or not enough and blend too many things. The same with the Eq, I can see the spaces but still can't play very well with them, just got them noticed. The cranky voice at the end sounds good, I needed those low frequencies there too. I did it myself with my own lungs, it's a very long note! I felt my diaphragma fighting for not getting closed.  I feel like I'm starting to understand the importance of the breath in the singing and I'm starting to use some unknown muscles withing me chest. So cool!

Enjoy it!

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