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Friday, 27 December 2013

26th of December - Soy Un Bulto (260th Song)

My super friend 'Pastor' came to spend Christmas with his family. He's living in Amsterdam and we've been band mates in so many bands, he's an influence, he has something that comes from his soul when he makes music that many people can't understand, it's beyond the technique, I see how a voice within him gets out and show up when he's making music. I grabbed him to make a song that he has been working on. My brother also was a good featuring on the production of this song. 

The song talks about a 'bulto', this is a person who doesn't have anything to offer, someone that could be in a corner in a party looking to his mobile pretending that he has friends, or the person that no one remembers when you name the people that was in a gathering. A person that anyone cares if he's there or not, no one is gonna miss him. 

Thoughts: This guy is special, he hasn't good ear and he barely can sing but he always press the right button and gives everything that he touches a personal point of view. How did he develop that skill? I'd love to know. 

At the beginning of today's session we we're thinking of making another song, a doom song. But we felt like being 'Pastor' there we couldn't take the risk of miss the chance of working with him. He created a song with its lyrics. The whole idea of the song wasn't very defined but we just arranged it all we could in the place. The structure was very weird and we had to try so many things. My brother in the other hand was trying to make the bass part while he was giving me production advices such like having a place to sit when mixing, a place to sit for guests, water for singers, how to sing looking towards the inside of a closet full of clothes so the waves don't bounce back.

I recorded the drums, a rough version that finally is the one that I used with just little tweaks. Then Pastor recorded the guitar along with my track. No metronome was involved so the hits in the middle that are out of any tempo were difficult to nail, but he did it very well. Then voice, I put him looking to the closet and he starts singing. He's very bad doing it, this song was supposed to be sung by another friend of mine but he wasn't there. Anyway, having the worst pitch over the earth he makes it sound, don't ask me how. When I recorded drums I didn't know how to end and I kept playing and finished very bad, thinking that I would fix the ending later, but when he sung the lyrics and the ending was supposed to be an awkward and unconfident word of this character the drums made a lot of more sense. I love this stupid accidents that make things better. 

Then we did some arrangements, backing vocals, finger snaps, and voices insulting the character that the song talks about. I would record the bass and mix it later, we had to go to a dinner with friends and haven't more time. This is a song that we are gonna re-record much better somewhen in the future for sure.

Enjoy it!

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