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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

1st week - Tears For Remix (366th Song)

New year has arrived, new goals, new mindset, new organization, new ideas, new skills to be learnt. My first song was something that I had wanted to do since long time ago: to submit in a remix contest. I didn't have enough time to spend making a good song last year. And, see how curious, on of my favourite bands, the one that inspired more FORTUNA Quest songs in 2013, Tears For Fears, lauched this contest. Just perfect timing, it's like a divine signal.

Thoughts: Yes, 2013 was a success, so many bad things but at the same time I finished it and I feel proud and I learned about bad things that I shouldn't do this year. I've spend my first week mainly preparing new stuff. Some compilations, the list of songs sorted by date, some photoshop learning (I want my songs pictures or ilustrations represent even better my songs) were done in the first days, non stop. I started the song in the 5th day and I realized that the mindset to do this year songs is so different; I didn't know how start, I felt the pressure of making a great song, I felt like I don't still know about deep techniques that take time, I just know a lot about quick stuff. It's kind of overwhelming, but when I finished this song I saw clearly what are the things that I'm gonna learn this year and a boost of motivation filled my body.

I had a big problem making this remix; when I opened the folder with all the tracks I saw that there was an ableton live project to open them, so I decided to use Live to do this work, actually I didn't use it last year very much and I could learn it much better now spending more days experimenting. I was working on the song when I closed Live. 'It's ok', I thought. But when I opened it my Live was crashed, I couldn't authorize it, I'm saving now to buy a new one, but I had to download it as quick as I could and every time that I tried, since my laptop has energy saver enable and it sleeps when I'm not using it for long, I had to go to eat or something and my computer slept and my download failed. Up to 3 times! So 5th day was over and I woke up at the 6th looking forward to download it. It took 7 hours til I get it and I started to work in the song at 9pm in the night, not much time but I did a lot of things til late. And then the 7th day, the day to close, to finish, to have everything ready to post it. I had to get in to 2013's mindset again and do the last tweaks fast and not experimenting too much.
I submitted the song finally, I'll let you know how it goes. I don't have many expectations, the song sounds very flat although I like the harmony that I built it over. And I'm don't have much control over the effects, they are so different than Logic ones.

I realized that I'm very inexpert with Live. I'm very slow, and I need to think a lot until comes to my mind a solution of each thing that I'm trying to do. It's tedious. I think I'm gonna make my first month songs with it and get more confident. By now I'll just make the next one and let's see how I feel then.
I liked the fact that I have days to think about what I did the day before and time to fix problems properly, not just patch badly stuff. Now writting I also feel how I can expand the things that I wanna talk about, splitting by days or whatever, I have more things to say. It's logical. Now I'm gonna get ready for the next song. I have ideas and I want to spend some money in new material.

Enjoy it!

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