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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

2nd Week - Procrastination (267th Song)

What can I tell you? Here's my second song of this year. I haven't warmed up and procrastination has taken part of my soul, well I think my brain is yelling for holidays, but everyone knows that I can fulfill my brain's demands. Anyway, I'm doing some improvements with Ableton LIVE althought is still a pain in the ass, I need to think too much everytime that I have an idea to do it properly and in the half way I forget some of the first thoughts.

Thoughts: In this week I've been learning photoshop, songs for my bands, looking for a job, rehearsing, working, playing a lot of drums, thing that I missed so much for the last year... Normally that's fine and I still find a lot of time to make music, I sacrificed my social life some years ago so I can deal with it, but last year was really intense and I haven't even rest from that, I never stop doing things and vacations are something from the past. I admit that I'm slightly stressed most of the time even though I enjoy this so much. Now I spend my leissure laying down, watching tutorials or tv series. I know, I know, lazy, boring and childish, I should spend more time making music, this is a very big project, just let me have my micro holidays for a while.  Plus I need time to switch my mindset, I've spent so much time making a song everyday that now I think bigger and I stuck in front of the canvas.

Later when I finish one song I feel more motivated and imaging what are the new things that I'm willing to learn this year. Thinking of it is so cool to have a whole week where I can just hear what I did the day before and do some improvementes, 6 days a week! So let's get less lazy and do it better. I have a very great opportunity this year, I won't miss it. 

Working on Live is getting a bit better, but still very difficult. Techno is not my music but I'm amazed about how they construct a song and makes your body to move for hours. The way they create sounds, and don't get too melodic, where the textures are more important than the chants. So I'm gonna work more on that. I'm not very happy of my lack of skills with this program so I'll do my next song on it as well. I want to do it much better and learn all those sound designing stuff that they use to do. I'm always struggling trying to do sweeps and sounds that grow and grow and grow till they explode, also some sounds very superficial (I don't know how to explain this) that I thought that was matter of EQ but still don't get them, so I'm gonna watch a lot of making music on Live tutorials to lear about this. Youtube is full of them! Good for me. 

About the song I would say that I've spent 2 days and a half doing it. The first half was about basic melodies, the second about structure and the last about refining and polishing. I couldn't do some of the sounds that I had in mind, I just didn't know even how to start or how the hell they could be done. I did one sweep with FM8 which is not bad with filter and pitch envelope. I tried another one but I just couldn't make it sound. No idea why. And I'm very happy with the chords at the end, the sound like Lawrence of Arabia, they are B and Am, I guess I could explain them as a Phygian major mode. I was improvising over them in my leissure and I discovered that Phrygian scale fits, not only the normal one but also the Phrygian major, I'll study why this happens. 

In this session I've learned that sometimes is good to let something sound for long time in techno to create a trance feeling in the listener, and that sometimes cheap things sound better if you improve the sound. This happened in the beggining of the song, it sounded like empy and very random that it started to loop smallest sections but actually when the sound was better had more sense. I did this because in my mind the structure was cool but when I made it it seemed stupid so instead of changing the structure I worked on sound and it was worth it. 

Enjoy it!

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