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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

3rd Week - The Hunter (268th Song)

After one hard week preparing songs for my bands I gathered the guts to start making the song. I've spent 3 days making it this time, it's getting better! I've found very stressful to start making something that is supposed to be much better than in the first stage of FORTUNA Quest. I think I have to create megahits and I get stuck easily and I should just jump in and make something to happen. It's ok to stop and think what it could be great but I literally get stucked and don't move ahead. And when I see the bull is up to catch me I start running fast. This time I did it earlier that last two times, but still, I'm supposed to start on Wednesday and finish on Tuesday and that's the process. I've been witness of how just a small cool idea has been transformed onto a song, very long, full of tweaks, not great but, yeah, the process was there, just in three days. So imagine how cool can be to have the 7 days for this, I could have ended to record on the 3rd day and I'd have 4 more days to re-record some crapy details, to mix much longer, or even master. 

I'm not very happy with the mix, this was the worse part of the process. I feel like things are stepping on each other, not letting bright the important parts. I'll tell you that I'm using LIVE with their default pluggins, no extra stuff, and I still have to get used to them, but still, EQ was very bad and it's like I all that I learned about compression didn't make sense for this song. I was dealing with a lot of tracks this time, like 12?? And it really makes a difference, listening to the rough mix I felt the potential of the parts, but the mix didn't fulfill all of the expectations. Shame. 

What I've been playing a lot of guitar and bass, so much that my finger tips were peeled so bad. It was a lot of pain playing the bass solo, I had to slide up and down for hours with such rough thick strings. I'm starting to feel very confident playing simple things with all these instruments. I can think in music more than playing the right notes now and I groove a lot, I realized that I always played the bass behind, like if my finger moved on time but it was some miliseconds for the string to make the movement to create sound.

Enjoy it!

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