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Thursday, 20 February 2014

5th Week - The Burning of the Colossus (270th Song)

My friend Willy purposed me to make the music for a great documentary that his production company ( recorded. It's honestly such a pride for me to be asked, it's a massive production which requires high quality indeed. I said yes but I told him that I've never did such a big thing and that maybe I wasn't able to. He agreed and I got down to work. The result is something that we won't ever use but it very useful as warming up exercise. Next week I'd do a better approach to what it'll supposed to be. 

Thoughts: The first thing was to watch the documentary and get involved in the environment that this shows. It's a beautiful production of a village in France where they do history recreation which is that they represent an age of the history in that region trying not to put any anachronistic element, in this way they see more clearly the way they did the things that they did and if they have questions of how something could be done they can find or figure out. And the song that I had to do first to see if i'm able to do this job was the credits theme. It starts nearly the ending of the documentary and explodes when credits show up. They put a song to give me an idea of what they want. A piece very epic, like people getting ready to fight in the biggest battle ever, this would be like the prelude to the main theme which the title of the documentary comes in flames right in front of your face. And then the credits are getting up as usual and I develop the main melody. 

My first task was to create a template for future projects of this style as I'm supposed to do more than one theme with orchestral arrangements. I watched some videos and started to study the basics of orchestration and I applied them. I divided the instruments in sections: woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings. I loaded them from the Kontakt library and I got my template done. Second step was how to deal with kontakt, it's something that I haven't done much and I don't understand very well. So I watched some tutorials and I started to play with the instruments. Every instrument had some different modulations that I would use, but I didn't know how to activate them in the same track so I just opened several tracks of the instruments that I'd need more than one modulation. 

This week I haven't had much time, I played three days in Avila and had to rehearse a lot with several bands, plus teaching drums, guitar and English, so I didn't do much really. The time that I spent I was very inspired though, I was thinking a lot of voices and I had a lot of ideas and I was feeling like Stravinsky seeing the movement of the notes in my head. Finally this is what I got, it's not bad, quite cheap but I could be used for the trailer of a movie or something. Now I gotta sit down and do a proper one for success. Next week more. BTW they didn't like it because it didn't fit with what was happening on the screen, next time I'll make it with the documentary in front of me. 

Enjoy it!

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