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Friday, 21 February 2014

6th Week - Viaje al Pasado (271st Song)

Guys, I've failed, not only once but twice. The biggest failure has been that I not one week but two weeks doing this song and the second is that, even spending so much time, I haven't finished! But when you think it couldn't be worse I had a third failure! The production company suggested me that the sound is not near the standard that they are looking for. So my next step if I don't want to lose the job is to join strength with a good orchestrator, my old friend Tony Master, leader, composer and guitarist of Allegro From My Requiem, he has much more experience and knowledge of orchestration and he also has much better libraries in the computer, so I gotta finish the song with him. 

I thought I could make an exception lasting for longer with this song but when I realized that I was working for two weeks and I just did one song in them rather than two, which is the core of the project, I had to stop it and close it. It's incomplete but I gotta move ahead and keep doing this well. Obviously this failure involves that I penalty myself and my pride was damaged, now I have to update everything making 2 songs in one week. The credibility of the project is questionable now, but I wanna make it solid and I'll work hard to get it. From this kind of things I must learn and just not repeat it anymore. 

And what I learned in the making of the song is invaluable too. I studied a lot of orchestration, I visited orchestras and talked with musicians, I finished the Berklee Sample course of orchestration, I joined the "write music like Mozart" course in Coursera and I tried so many things and discovered how to get some textures in music that it seemed to be impossible to me. I listened to what was wrong with my composition comparing with professional ones day by day during this 2 weeks and I could change a lot of things to better. It's true that sometimes my instrument samples weren't very good, I had 5 modulation types of each instrument and I needed things that weren't part of them, I didn't have effects with the percussion that I wanted to achieve, I wasn't able to make changes of intensity of a same note too which I required.

There are things that I miss now that I hear it again after talking some musicians: the absence of woodwinds is notable all the time but in the part with harp is just a big mistake. I have a problem figuring out woodwinds, I didn't even try to play them because I couldn't imagine but someone told me that just playing the same notes than the brass would work great, should I try? Sure! I have to try everything and hear it by myself. 

I have to mention that after doing this song and getting involved in orchestral music so much has made me hear the music very different and be very critic with dynamics and textures, which I love. I hope it'll be part of me from now and form part of my art.  

Enjoy it!

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