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Monday, 24 March 2014

9th Week - Recuerdo Crónico (374th Song)

A singer in a band that I'm playing is the father of the guy that composed this song, he is a great artist and he managed to sell his song to Sergio Dalma, one of the greatest, or at least popular, singers in Spain. They made of it his new single and it's working very well here. So my band mate told me to convert it into a MIDI folder for him so he could sing over it in many places just carrying this file and playing it in any device they found on their way. When he asked I say: 'Yeah, Piece of cake!', nothing could be more untrue.

I went right to Logic and said to myself: 'ok, let's open a software instrument and then assign a channel to the right General MIDI patch...'
'Ok I can't... Let's try to research information in internet.'

Then I entered into a spiral of confusion and lack of handful information. People telling you to get into weird places in Logic that looked like made in 80's, out of the standard of professionalism, with glitches and horrible wiring techniques. After 3 days researching, going to friends' homes and chatting with professionals, some doubts were cleared but still no one had the answers to my questions. Isn't something so basic that it's lame that I couldn't find a way easily? Am I crazy? Maybe I am, I don't know. What I know for sure is that in my 5 day I was able only to write the drums and started to make bass and piano. I only was able to make bass sound like a bass using a special technique that I invented that I had to do every time that I loaded the project. Still when I played the result in a MIDI player everything sounded like a piano, but the drum kit which sounded good.

Finally I just made the rest of the song using my stupid 'special' technique and asked a friend for help to put the tracks in the right place with the right patches. I talked with him and he told me that with Cubase is so easy that a child could do it. The same told me another friend about Sonar.  Which make me think that Logic made an incredible mistake with their product making such a basic thing, which is 80's technology, very hard or maybe impossible. Or maybe they don't care at all this part of the usage of their DAW.

Anyway, when I got the way of making it I just listened to the music and figured out all the instruments and then easily transposed them. Voice was more difficult because Sergio plays with rhythm a lot and articulation, and guitar and bass was fun because they used glissandos and bendings that gave me the chance of using bending with MIDI data which I wanted to try. With General Midi instruments in Logic I only could bend like 2 tones wide so I couldn't interpret some notes.

Questions: Is Logic doing bad? Did I do everything in my hand to solve the problem or I didn't find the real way to do this stuff with Logic?

Enjoy it!

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