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Friday, 9 January 2015

16th Week - Pastor Verdadero (381st Song)

I got asked to make a song for a commercial. It looks like they are happy with my work lately and I'm thinking I really I could make a living from this. The song should be similar to that that I made for a Premier Poker commercial. So I knew exactly how to do it. Easy peasy. I just struggled last time with the mixing, hopefully this time after some time practicing I can do it better. I'm playing guitar  better too. I had an instant idea, and recorded a demo to send to my 'bosses' (it's a friend's production company), they gave me the green light and started to record it. I was very careful that everything was very neat and the recording was as pro as possible. I found a sweet spot for my acoustic guitar, I used the best,  newest and shortest cable I have to record guitar, I got a good gain input and made some layers just in case, and trying different things. And spend the rest of the time (a lot) mixing. I did a lot of extra time on compressors, I find them very interesting and mysterious yet, I experimented a lot. 

Finally they accepted it and I'll get paid soon. Mission accomplished. 

Enjoy it!

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