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Friday, 9 January 2015

The end of FORTUNA Quest

Well, I won't say I didn't see this coming. 2014 has been a horrible year for FORTUNA Quest. I had many internal conflicts (nothing bad, don't worry), and circumstances that made me disabled to do it well. I'd say to myself sometime before that if I didn't end a year with all done I just would stop doing it. So I did. After 381 recordings I terminate this. 

It was a very big project in which I embarked. It gave me so many happy moments in my life, some hard and few awful ones. Literally I didn't know any of the production world, how to record, how to experiment with composition, different instruments, etc. I just had ideas time to time but I forced myself to have them everyday. I see back in the past and I'm amazed of how much I have learned in this two years. 281 is a big number, some recordings were used professionally, others would be just fun for me, others just silly experiments that no one would consider as songs, but all of them are my little babies. I'm a bit sad of not having done better hence now I have to close it but I was a novice, and I didn't know how my brain would act under some scenarios, or if they would exist, and how I could solve the infinite things that happened, it's been a real super school for me and I'm very proud of having taken part of it, it doesn't only taught me so so much about music but life and myself too. 

This is not a bad thing though, I've thought a lot in the last year, my brain has actually changed and I have in mind so many things that I can actually do with all the wisdom I got from this quest that wouldn't have been possible if I wasn't do this and I'm so happy for that. I became an independent artist with my own philosophy and a bunch of tools that I know how to use now that will boost my career, or at least my artistic appetite which is a big part of my soul, I feel it like that. The future looks so good. I'll take the closure of this project as a step up in my life. Now I can just take all the time in the world to work on my songs, that's something priceless that I'm gonna embrace from now. 

I want to thank all the people that took part in this project, friends all of them. Friends that helped me to end songs, people that gave me ideas to make things better, friends with songs that let me help them to record them and participate, friends that shared my songs, friends that commented what they thought helping me to have a better map of what I was doing and making me find myself so many times, friends that shared time with me and my problems, friends that inspired me and friends that didn't complain of me being so tiring making songs all day and talking about it, the friend that donate money to the project and I feel like I disappointed him, I'll just pay him back :) Thanx to everyone that got aware of FORTUNA Quest, I just hope you enjoyed it as far as it existed. Best wishes. I'll have a better life from this point so don't be sad. I love you guys!

FORTUNA Quest 2013-2014

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