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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2nd of January - Freak Show (2nd song)

2nd song

At last I finished with this one, I'm sweating. The deadline was so close that I couldn't mix it enough, and since I've been 6 hours non-stop making the bloody song I didn't let my brain or my ears to rest, so probably tomorrow morning I appreciate how bad  it is done. I was working in another one but when I was ready to record the voices a band started playing just above of my head, so I saved it for tomorrow and I started a new one. Apparently it was an easy idea but it became mad. I tried to express something bizarre and I tried some reverb, I learnt a lot, so many failures happened and very very slowly I could fix them. Need to rest dudes. Tomorrow more. Hope your brain spins with this song.


  1. I like this one. Maybe the fact that it came from a change of plains made it more easily-earing,giving more instantaneous information for our brains.

    This is getting more and more interesting. Keep on!