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Thursday, 3 January 2013

3rd of January - Mary and the Boarder Donkey (3rd song)

3rd song

Well, I was trying to learn some Reason skills and this guy gave me the idea of make a techno song. I learnt a lot of synth concepts, although I haven't to much time to create great sounds, I'll do some trials now. It's quite easy to make electronic music, the sounds in the synths I get (Abisynth 5, FM8 & FM7) are so cool that just putting them together sounds cool. I don't find cool bass drum for techno, I just tried with the 'electronic expansion' of Superior Drummer and I'm not very happy with them, I don't know whether I'm suppose to get any bank with good samples or whether I should modify the parameters of the existing bass drums. Anyway, it's something that I need to figure out, and so I'll do. By the way: I'm never happy with my level mixing it should be easier right? Here's the song. Any suggestion is welcome.Mary & The Boarder Donkey

1 comment:

  1. In some parts of the song, it makes me remember a song by J. Michel Jarre, Industrial Revolutions. Well, after this I´m going to listen that song (that I haven´t listened for years) :D