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Monday, 13 May 2013

13th of May (133rd Song)

The Whisperer

I was watching The Dog Whisperer and it came to my mind a question: "How would a song whispered by me sound?" and I decided to do it. A mellow guitar and my naked voice. All of this with iTalk app. I wanted to try something with the reverb too.
Thoughts: Well, first of all my voice sucks, I'm gonna sing much more in order to improve my voice. I feel I'm doing better musically but technically is really bad, and my pronuntiation seems to get worse. The guitar part was fun to record, I composed that guitar very easy but I like how the arpegios are just not the obvious ones, and the feeling is richer. I'm getting better technique with the guitar and getting confidence since I'm playing a lot. Yes! 
The reverb that I used is based in a lesson of the music production course. They say that when something is closer sounds with less reverb, with more high frequencies and with more volume, so I tried that. I put the voice with more volume and less reverb than the rest, and the second guitar I wanted to sound like if it is further so I cut the high frequencies lowed down the volume and put more reverb, and it worked!
I wanted a very spacey reverb like in a massive room, I still don't know how would I use to make a voice to sound if it is singing in the field, I must research more.

Enjoy it!

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