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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

15th of May (135th Song)

Progressive Harvest

I've taken advantage of the chords that I used yesterday to create a new song. And try some random soloing along with it. I played one bar beat on drums an played with some synths to get sounds. The scales that I had to use for the assessment were:
-A lydian b7 (I used an A7 chord)
-C locrian (C7(b5))
-F7 altered (F7)
-D dorian (Dm7)
-B Lydian (Bmaj7)
-Eb aeolian (Ebm7)

Thought: If yesterday was clear that randomness is not very musica, today it has been confirmed, I just played whatever over the chords with the QWERTY keyboard of the Mac, and then I changed the notes that weren't on the scale to right notes, there are some cool things, but it's obvious that you must be aware of which notes you have to play in which part of the rhythm the intensity, etc. I wasn't grooving with the song which is the worst thing you can do and then most of the time using the worst notes of the scale, 1st 3rd and 5th, even 7 would be the obvious choice to play with but I just wanted to be sure that this was gonna sound absolutely bad, and it does. I like the abrupt changes of the harmony though. 
It was very funny to play with the synths but the two that I used were extremely weird for me, Logic is full of weird synths that I can't understand very well. I haven't take care of the mixing at all. 
I called the song Progressive Harvest because of its progressive character and because I was visualizing a guy lost in a wheat field and having to change the direction because he was stumbling with something creepy, maybe aliens, maybe paths made by these massive symbols that appear on some fields over the world. I don't know the name of them actually, it was a movie with Mel Gibson about that.

Enjoy it!

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