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Monday, 10 June 2013

10th of June (161st Song)

Well, Jools requested sometime ago to make a song that reminds the summer, almost everyday I was trying different chords, different ranges and different rhythms, and messing around with the guitar,  I was struggling with some chord changing, and from there a harmony which sounded bright and paceful started to emerge. It sounded so old, like 40's music, and Ukelele or banjo would suit perfectly with them, then thousands of melodies of great old songs came to my mind and I mixed them to make a melody.

Thoughts: It has been a good experience, I really can feel the summer in this song, but a boring one, a summer where someone is peeling potatoes in the porch of his house in a small town in Louisiana where the cars just pass by time to time. Well, it's a start! It's good to start, I have to be able to create the mood that I'm looking for in my songs and this is a good exercise. Some time ago I heard someone telling that to get an old sound you should just cut some frequencies, I haven't research about that but I wanted to try it with this song, I guess the mics and the speakers in those days didn't capture many frequencies, sounds obvious. And it kind of work, I don't know very well what to cut, but what I did sounds quite old for me, not very authentic though, maybe my guitar or my amp simulator makes it sound too modern, or the way that I play, or the EQ that it's not very accurate bearing in mind the age that I'm trying to recreate. The ending of the song is nothing to do with the rest but that cadence is tattooed in my brain from video games, it's like the standard for triumph.
I also learn how to create stereo buses with Logic which is very important for me, and the sends are not a problem anymore.

Enjoy it!

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