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Sunday, 9 June 2013

9th of June (160th Song)

Today Giancarlo, the keyboard player of a band that I was playing with came to my home and talk about our lifes, with a beer in hand. He told me that the band is gonna move to Barcelona as it'd be cheaper not only because it's just cheaper the style of life there but also because the singer has a house there that they could use to live. I hope everything goes great in their lifes. Before he came I was recording this guitar riff, and he came with new ideas. I wanted to take extra time getting focus on the mixing.

Thoughts: Well, the visit of Giancalo was nice, he sometimes record some stuff with logic too and he explained to me how to overdub tracks in the recording and few basic techniques, like pressing R to record (I didn't even know that!!!) I record my guitar and then he was trying some different synths; it's annoying that my computer can't deal with the cool synthesizers or drums, it just stop working, so I have to use the basic ones that on the other side aren't too bad.  I'll upgrade ASAP to Mac BookPro.
After getting some ideas, and arrangements of what I wanted I recorded a second guitar, I used the Nu metal sound by default in Logic, and it's quite great, I can see the effects and plugins that the used to get the sound and it's like a masterclass, I like that, to hear sounds with any treatment and then the polished version where the treatment of the sound is unveiled. Then the bass, hardcore stuff, I recorded in 2 takes and it's not very cool but I couldn't deal with another take, my muscles were on fire and my hands totally stiff. After that I went to the drumkit, I just used a Logic random one that sounded rocky. The hihat is very light and and the rest is good enough, I just hate not to be able to use the elements separately, if it's a way to do it please tell me.
The mixing was the priority today, but I got blocked, I didn't know how to start doing anything. I didn't know what to change and how it would sound better. Well, somethings were obvious, like the bass sound was super bassy,  beyond that I didn't know, I tried some compressions and nothing seemed to change, so after 1 hour I just stopped compressing, and I was trying things with the EQ because everything seemed to be sharing frequencies, and I kind of improved something, but not too much, not much else, just a little bit of reverb for drums because it sounded too dry the floor tom at the beginning but I couldn't find out what else would be necessary for the mixing, after a long time of frustration I just finished. Now that I heard it again with my headphones I can see how bad mixed is but still don't know what to improve but that the keyboards are too loud.

Enjoy it!

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