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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

11th of June (162nd Song)

My mentor posted of facebook two videos and he said to hear them together, the first one was an instrumental hip hop song and the other one an old lady reciting the multiplication tables in spanish, it fitted so great that I was amazed, I wanted to do that too. So I tried to be creative and make something new as well, just something apparently not hip hop and mix it and it sounds like hip hop, I was trying poetry, speed speeching, and more stuff but the videos that I founded (plus my connection was extremely bad) always had a lot of noise, so I opted for videos of people talking with no background sound and good mics, I thought about Pensando's Place, this program hosted by Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick talks about sound engineering, mixing, recording, techniques etc. Such a great show. Being two people I thought it would sound like a proper hip hop song with two singers. But it didn't.

Thoughts: I saw this option in Logic in the composer mode of Hip Hop, it was full of VSTs that could fit with hip hop and some audio tracks with some plugins in it, I guess they are standard parameters for hip hop music, so I took a look. I was watching a mixing tutorial video and the guy suggested just to record everything in the first step, not trying to mix anything at all, so did I. I just recorded all the instruments that I wanted in my song, and I imported the Pensado's track. It sounded really bad of course, and I started my mixing. Lately I'm struggling a lot with mixing, I think that my ears have upgraded one step but not my skills, I need to get to my skills now up to the level of my ears. I'm very focus on EQ now, and the sounds by default are very good so I didn't compressions or gates or distortions and I could focus well on that. 

Enjoy it!

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