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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

12th of June (163rd Song)

My friends just met to have fun together and promised me to make a song for me that I would master later. This are the credits. They sent me a file of they
Mata: Lyrics and Vocal
Yela: Drones & Ambient
Juanes: Glockenspiel & Rhythms
Bruce Billis: Guitar
FORTUNA Quest: Remixing and mastering

Thoughts: Pffffff it's obvious that Mata is the best undercover in our era. He is the most creative funny mind that I ever met in my life, and his lyrics are always on the top. I already made a song with his lyrics, do you remember? It's called 'El cura no va a misa' the 22nd of April. When I listened to the song I literally cried during 10 minutes, I didn't believe what my ears were hearing, if he made a business from his lyrics he would be rich. I'll try to cheer him to do so. 
I have to say that I was expecting a rock song, and the darkness and mysticism of the song penetrated in my veins. I don't really know what drones means and I just discovered what's a Glockenspiel right know. Bruce's guitar and the ambient put you in a misty cemetery but in a caricature way, and the sounds coming from the background are just great, Mata couldn't avoid to laugh as only he knows how to. I took his multiple laughs and spread them all over the end of the song, I sped up a clip with his laugh as well but, because I had duplicated the track to split some laughs and make clips from them, I sped up, not in purpose, the original track, I didn't want to do so and I couldn't revert it but it's not a big deal, I'll find the reason of this to happen. 
Mastering was really weird, I'm like the most rookie mastering guy ever, and I really didn't what to do with this, I tried some compressions and some EQ that it's my obsession right now. And I don't really know if it sounds better now of before, the clip is so dirty that I couldn't tell you. 
I've thought that it's a good idea to, some days, not write music or record but master the music that others send to me if they let me post them here, it's something that I have to learn how to do, and it's great that people participate here, so don't hesitate to send you your songs, I will 'promote' you if posting here and talk good about you is considered promotion. I can say Enjoy it if beforehand say 'Mata puto amo'.

Enjoy it!

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