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Friday, 14 June 2013

14th of June (165th Song)


Today is the birthday of my friend Alicia, I wanted to sing her something happy because she was a bit off these days so I hope this will cheer her up. I converted it in a video with pictures of her and one with me, beautiful staff.

Thoughts: I'm starting to get addicted to involve my friends in my music, either mastering their music or meet them and have fun making music or writing music for them which this is the case. I've decided that FORTUNA Quest is gonna aim for building a community where people can collaborate with me, it's much more funny. I'm planning to make a forum and try to help people to get better in music, and share knowledge. I'm ready for the next step of FORTUNA Quest!

It has been very cool today to just decide that I was gonna make a happy birthday rumba for my friend and I did super naturally, no pressure, knowing exactly what I was gonna need musically or 'equipmently'. I improved my rumba right hand technique, my hand now is looser and it makes it sound better. Still not very accurate but getting there. The truth is that my cuticles are on fire, I've been hitting strings with them for a long time. My left hand is very stiff with this guitar, and more when I'm focusing in my right hand. Them voice, just one take, I didn't want to get obsessed with making the perfect track honestly, in the mood I was the second take would have been less fresh and fun energy. Then the backing vocals, well I record without knowing what to record, but I nailed it in the first take, I recorded another one to make it sound more like a party where the people is having fun. And the claps, to start on time I recorded 4 claps on the song and move then to the beginning of the song making the function of pre-count, one clap on time, then other in the off beat. It's not easy to follow the guitar with the offbeat claps. 

The mixing is what I'm most proud now, ok, it sounds very home made but I really spent a lot of time on the mix, placing the tracks in the space, compressing, equalizing and I'm very happy with the result, I don't like so much the claps, and I don't know very well how to fix them, maybe I recorded them to close of the mic? Maybe they are too loud? Maybe too much hi-end? I understood some concepts that I've been studying in the last weeks, and I really enjoyed doing it. I'm so happy, Alicia thanked me for the gift but I should thank her because making this song made me very happy.

Enjoy it!

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