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Saturday, 15 June 2013

15th of June (166th Song)

I was checking out a write-up about synthesizers and how to analyze the different waves and try to recreate them in a synth depending of the variation of the partials, the possible noises, the shape of the waves or the appearance of the attack waveform. I wanted to make my own string instrument and create something easy to play with that sound.

Thoughts: The write-up was very interesting, they made me just to figure out how to make my own sound much better than any other sound that I've done from the scratch, I still feel that I don't know how to use FM8 very well, I'll start to have a look to the manual, I really want to do some stuff that I don't have idea of how to do there, like using an LFO in a filter or a cut off in an envelope, etc etc. Then the song it was just a result of getting used to the sound and being in trance. I didn't want to quantize or use a metronome because I had the idea and I did want to have it fresh and record immediately.

Enjoy it!

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