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Sunday, 16 June 2013

16th of June (167th Song)

I was listening today to a lot of all those bands that I was listening when I was a teenager: Good Riddance, Craig's Brother, Propagandi, ... I really wanted to make something like that today, I had all day ahead and motivation more than enough to try something cool. 

Thoughts: Sunday? Shinny day? Who cares? I was grounded in my bedroom with the blinds closed in order to not get distracted and don't really knowing how cool the day was. I was trying to learn them on guitar, first I tried to figure out them, and when I listened to them in order to learn them I realized that I'm a bad guitar player, not only I struggled a lot learning them but also the simple things that they did sounded so effective, like octaves in places that I would never have imagined. And the session started, my brain was flowing and the time didn't exist anymore. I came with this idea for the guitar and played it over and over until new ideas came to me, it was getting bigger and bigger, now I wanted a cool guitar sound, I opened guitar rig and spent so many time trying combinations of amps and cabinets I liked something: Grafitier amp + Ultrasound? I think it was Ultrasound, I didn't save this to be sure. I got a cool sound, I recorded then a guide guitar to record drums, I used the Headbanger Kit that it's very nice, it's like an average kit but very well recorded, so was cool to play with it and later to mix with the rest of the tracks. Then I recorded the guitars, two tracks, and a clean one, I had so many ideas that I didn't want to forget them while recording the bass. Nice session, quite difficult to do the palm-mute figures, the rest was very easy though, so I just lasted what the fast alternate picking let me to. With the clean one I had some problems too, I'm not very cool changing that fast of string, but I was getting it and finally I felt very comfortable doing it. Then the bass, no problems at all, I used the Bass amp of guitar rig too and spent some time getting a cool sound, I learned a lot about the equalization of the amp, I think I got a good sound finally. Then I wrote the lyrics, it sounded for my quite similar to Propagandhi, so I made this political anti-capitalism lyrics, and tried some voices, my housemate was in home and I felt a bit embarrassed but that was until I knew it what to record. Then I started with the voices and... everything was too high! I sung and sung and struggling as well with the fast english, my throat was on fire and I decided to stop, take a look to the comp and stack the best clips. Song done!

Later mixing, I don't want to bore you so I'll tell you that I spent hours and hours mixing, then rested for a couple of hours and spent more hours until I got something that I had no idea how to improve anymore. I learned how to bounce on place the comps and the software instruments and the audio files with guitar rig. I did realize later that I cut some sound in the beginning and in the end, but this is a huge step! Having the tracks bounced I can disable the originals and not consume computer's power, I was having a lot of issues with my memory and the system always got overloaded. And I could organize better my workplace. I used compressor to bass and voice, Eq to voice, bass and guitars, and reverb (Goldverb) for guitars, all of them and voice. I was trying a lot of combinations of EQ and reverbs, I even tried delays, but finally I ended removing it. I'm very happy with this song. I did all of this and I just saw how short it is! Good session. 

Enjoy it!

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