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Sunday, 30 June 2013



Hey everyone, I went for vacation last week, I recorded some songs on the way, mainly with my mobile and when I came back I felt overwhelmed of updated everything and comment every song. I've had so many things in mind like looking for a job, what could I do to earn money as musician, what to do with FORTUNA Quest to get it up into a new level, working in an architecture song that seems not to be liked by the film director and so on, that I didn't know how to cope with it, I even almost threw in the towel and gave an end to FORTUNA Quest, but you know what?

FUCK IT!!! I'm gonna finish what I started. This year is almost in its ecuador (3rd of July will be officially the half of year) and it's a good chance to face this new middle section with new perspectives and visions. So this days I'm gonna work extra, even if I don't sleep enough, to get it updated and sort all what I've learned to give a big step to the second phase and aim for new goals. 

As I was in this messy state of mind I wasn't caring enough with my organization and now I don't know which songs were for which days so I'm gonna upload them randomly, it could look confusing but it's just a little stain in my work. I hope you are still there to cheer me up in the difficult times. 


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