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Sunday, 30 June 2013

17th of June (168th Song)

Hey guys, I feel like I never pay enough attention to this great instrument that is keyboards, very important because the many voices that you can play at the same time and the big range of notes, as composer I should be able at least to play a little bit. A bit of improvement in FM8 as sound designer was required by myself so I did some progress.

Thoughts: I'm very tired of composing songs with the computer and write the notes one by one or play something and rearrange manually the notes and quantize because my feeling is so bad on it, it's a lot of time that I don't have mostly, so a good commitment for the next stage of FORTUNA Quest is try to learn it better and not putting every note in on the grid it should sound more organic and natural, it just rely on me. This is my first song improvising with the piano not quantizing and it's gonna serve to reference for my coming improvements.

Enjoy it!

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