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Sunday, 30 June 2013

18th of June - I'm Driving At... (169th Song)

It was a long way driving from London to Madrid, crossing France, and raining constantly, we didn't see the sun until we arrived to Madrid. But was cool to merge in this big highway in France where the speed limit is 130km/h, I decided to give a boost and got up to 135km/h and make a song for it. 

Thoughts: One of the best things to do when you are driving endlessly is to kill the boredom with music and I got some cool melodies. It's cool to sing 'a viva voce' and just imagine how the song would be in your mind. I took the sound of the 'car's outside buzzing' as pedal note for my melody, you will find that after the first part I slow down and the tone changes. Then I added a new part because it was raining so strong that it was very scary and it deserved to be sung. 

Enjoy it!

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