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Sunday, 30 June 2013

19th of June - Chapote Bill (170th Song)

Have you ever felt like you can make music with anything? That you can create rhythm from the more unsuspected places as Stomp previously? I was having a good bath at my swimming pool in Madrid when I started to splash and I came with some cool stuff. So splash solo for your ears.

Thoughts: It's cool to make things like this, you don't have any idea if something is gonna work and then you start to learn some self-taught techniques to be able to play it. For example, when you push your hands into the water you make to sounds, the first while you are dragging all the water and other one when everything collapses and makes a 'ploop' sound. Or how different the notes sound depending of the shape of your hand, or how to be aerodynamic to avoid certain sounds. Great experience and looking forward learning more techniques and record the sound in better environment.

Enjoy it!

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