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Friday, 29 November 2013

12th of November - Rosa (316th Song)

I'm still trying different things with the built-in mic of the new laptop because I need a cable to connect it to the interface. Two panned guitars and a voice and then drums from the Drummer device in Logic X. It's about my mother. 

Thoughts: Since I came to Madrid living with my parents my mother is on me all the time, it's weird and annoying but so the mothers are. I try to channel my frustrations through the music and I tell in a funny way my thoughts, enough to not hurt her, and ending with and 'I love her' because it's true. 

The sound of the guitars are ok, I mean, I tried a lot of cheap mics and non professional and this is the best that I've tried so far. Still not good for a pro recording but it can give you some good tones usable. It was very late when I sung it and I had to whisper it, and I did it twice because even whispering I was bothering my family at home, so it's not a very good take.

Enjoy it!

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