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Friday, 29 November 2013

13th of November - V (317th Song)

Still trying stuff with the new Mac. A song in 5/8 with a weird instrument doing different subdivisions.

Thoughts: Everything's slightly different in Logic X I'm struggling to find some things. I navigated through the software instruments, I created my first loop here, I changed Eq, search a good delay that I liked and from that started this. I create the bass thinking of moving the song, with some stops, arpegios, long notes and little riffs. And after that I started with this sound that was pretending to sound like the sound of one song of Tool that I don't remember that starts to sound at the end creating weird divisions agaisnt the other instruments which I like. But I couldn't fit well this one with the song, the sound is similar but much cheaper and it's really bad.

Enjoy it!

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