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Friday, 29 November 2013

14th of November - Pancher Records (318th Song)

I have a good friend called Iñigo that I like to play with, he's drummer as well and have knowledge playing tabla and sitar. I visited him and I played sitar for second time in my life and he was playing Handsonic, I'm not sure which one but I think it was the HPD-15. Later we swapped positions in the same take. 

Thoughts: I was waiting this moment of meeting Iñigo, we have done a lot of music together in the past, for TV and for some bands that we have shared playing in them. We didn't have much time but it was worth it. After a little session of GTA V (I needed to play that, I hadn't seen it since it was released) we connected a mic and the handsonic to his interface. We tuned the sitar as good as we could. It's so difficult to do this, so many strings and a lot of sensibility when you turn the tuning pegs. He put the headphones because we didn't want the sound of it be captured by the mic, so I wouldn't hear him. In the middle I play 'Paint it black' by Rollin Stones because I realized that I was playing those notes.

When I thought it was enough I let him playing to go close to him and swap positions, I put the headphones and played as I could with those sounds. Iñigo went to the sitar and played. and we ended when we wanted. 

He's playing much better than me, he had a real tabla that he has played for long and the same with the sitar. I'm a rookie here, and I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot. We tried to put a drum track but I was difficult to make it sound good, so I deleted it. We still had some time to do some experimentation with compressions. 

It was a good fun day. 

Enjoy it!

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