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Monday, 18 November 2013

19th of October - Un Despliegue (292nd Song)

Appointment with Juanes... You know what that means. This is like a preview of the final mix which I'll do in my leisure.

Thoughts: Juanes booked me to record some stuff that he wanted to record before I leave London. He brought his Stratocaster and his tiny Vox (I think it was Vox) pink guitar amp with plenty of effects. It's the first time that I record guitar with a mic capturing the amp sound, and I have to say that it's very cool, it just sounds good with no effort, and it's my first attempt, I think it's gonna be always better this way. I have to say (or Juanes will kill me) that this song is not finished yet, and doesn't represent what the author meant. So he simply donated it to me to use it for FORTUNA but he plans to make it much better (with my help hopefully). We gave a golden star to Jools who is special guest in the song and she did her job very well.

Enjoy it!

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