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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

21st of October - Mouse & Pitch (294th Song)

I'm still wondering and learning how to understand the maths behind all the effects and virtual instruments with Reaktor. I made a Synth where I could move the pitch with the mouse and try to make a song with it. I create a constant waveform and changed the pitch. It presented some difficulties.

Thoughts: I'm sure that Reaktor is gonna give me a very deep insight of how everything work and I'll be able to do my own complex sounds and effects. So far is being very basic but it keeps my brain spinning.  It was very difficult to be accurate when I jumped from pitch to pitch using a knob moved by my mouse-pad. I had to get the wanted note using more steps and sometimes the wrong note just gave me another idea to stick with.

The other thing that I tried was to record from the plugin in Logic so the changes would be done while recording. I couldn't do it on Logic because I didn't know how to pass the sound of what I'm playing to another audio track. Since I'm not pressing any key because I'm the waveform is a constant and I'm not pressing any key to enable it I can't record it as software instrument.

The song is quite stupid but today was about learning Reaktor and I spent much time on it. And you know what? I love it. Technical things amaze me.

Enjoy it!

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