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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

22nd of October - Reaktizer (295th Song)

In my way of the understanding of Reaktor I created my own synth which I can control the the waveform that I want to use, the envelope and different filters. I'm doing a demonstration of what's able to do.

Thoughts: Create things from the scratch with Reaktor is not only fun but also frustrant. You have to do exactly what you need and have a clear idea of what's happening. I created this one following the teachings of some tutorials. The look was so messy but I also learned how to use 'macros' to put every part of the synth in a separate box and that way join less pieces at the end. I felt like an engineer. 

I wanted to highlight the different parameters of my synth so I played a short melody and looped it in order to get your ear used to it and then you can enjoy (or hate) all the changes that I was able to do. 

Everything worked perfectly and I used ramdon automation for every parameter. It's good to know the way works the automation with switches. It divides 128 between the number of positions in the switch and everyone will have a range of numbers where this position will work. For example if you have to options (let's say on and off) then from 0 to 63 will be On and from 64 to 127 (the maximum) it will be off. 

Enjoy it!

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