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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

7th of December - La Divorciá (341st Song)

Second day in Bilbao, I was chatting with a random girl from there and she told me her story, she is a divorced girl, with an 8 years old daughter, trying to find the love and she wasn't getting much good luck. I dedicated this song to her to cheer her up.

Thoughts: I've been walking the whole day. After eating I apologized and I went to the hotel to make my song while my parents could keep watching the gorgeous city. I wanted to represent what she is doing, like prancing around the city trying to catch something, sometimes she feels alone but still with hope. Suddenly she sees someone and she enters in hunt mode, hiding from the prey to catch it when he downs the defence. Finally they connect and they prance together. Finally they realize that they succeeded in their relation and they are happy forever. 

Enjoy it!

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