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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

8th of December - Mandela (342nd Song)

I came from Bilbao this afternoon, I was thinking about Nelson Mandela on the journey, they talk about him a lot. He was a great person and he is part of modern history. If all that they say about him is true then I love this guy, he deserves a song as tribute of his achievements.

Thoughts: I reckoned that a good way to show my respect to Mandela was making and African song. Full of dances, percussion and jubilee chants. I like the result, I invented the melody that loops as they do so much in african music, also I used the 2 against 3 that I love in the rhythmic section. I sung the voices while dancing, I wanted that shaking voice of every bounce to sound so it seems like I'm dancing, I think it gives it more credibility to the song. And I sung from different places to get different reverberations from my room and that way the voices sound like a choir and not like voices overdubbing each other. 

Finally I recorded a cowbell that I own and I hit it with anything, this time it was a plastic pen. It sounded very bad, but one I put some reverb it doesn't sound like I record it with my laptop. This bell is the one that do some changes to not make the song to boring. Mandela would be proud. RIP Madiba.

Enjoy it!

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