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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

9th of December - Groovie The Cat (343rd Song)

I just had an idea of a song and I wanted to develop it using also some mixing techniques that I've been learning lately. 

Thoughts: I've been watching some videos on youtube about compression and in one of them they used distortion to estimulate some frequencies of the track when they sounded too dark or lifeless. I liked this and I was trying it in this song a lot. It's been a great discovery, I don't know if it's good to use it all the time but definitely it turns to life to some instruments. The compression is getting better too, I'm able now of hear the difference between different compressions, my ear is finer enough to realize a little bit of the slight differences, before I couldn't hear any difference. Great improvement! 

The concept of the song is very easy, I did everything with the virtual instruments of logic and I tried to give them life and make them work together, even when the sound of the bass is so not real I did a good work, comparing with the original sound it's so much better. The bridge part is cool, I really love it, that melody playing short notes and the second voice at the end with delay it's very exciting to me. I feel like I messed the sound of that melody a little bit because the choice of the reverb, too wet probably. And the picture that I found for the song is just perfect, I just typed 'cool cat' on google and voilĂ .

Enjoy it!

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